About Us

Screen Machine have been trading as a screen printing company since 1987. We have the right sort of experience required to deal effectively and efficiently with your print requirement. There have been lots of changes over the years in how a garment is decorated, so years of experience is important but so is keeping up with the changes!
We are constantly watching out for new products on the market and always embrace new ideas and technological advances.
It’s important to keep up to date, as we all know trends come and go and we like to keep on our toes so that we can offer the best print options; be it screen printing or some of the exciting new transfer products that are being marketed.
We are a small family firm, our orders range from 12 polo shirts for a local building company to 1000+ t shirt runs for blue chip companies.
We have the right equipment in place to suit the small and the big orders, so please feel confident in contacting us to help with your print requirements.