Screen printing

The most cost effective way of printing t shirts in larger quantities is still screen printing.
Not only is the price very competitive, the quality that can be achieved is exceptional.
It is still the most favoured way of printing tshirts. If you browse the high street, go to a show, see a band and feel you would like to buy a t shirt then pretty much every shirt you see will be screen printed.

Aside from screen printing textiles: t shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, jackets, bags, tea towels, football shirts, rugby shirts and lots more – it is popular for lots more.
Window stickers, vehicle graphics, shop point of sale, plastic cards, report covers, posters, display boards, labels and again lots more.
We have over 35 years trading experience in all forms of screen printing, so if you want advise on any of the above, please call.

For direct screen printing of shirts we would suggest a run of 24 is the minimum you should be ordering, but the real savings are runs of 100’s and 1,000’s.
Do not let that put you off asking for a price, you may be surprised at how competitive screen print prices are!

You will have all seen the sites online: Zazzle, Cafepress, Spreadshirt and lots more offering one off prints at any price between £12 and £20. These are in most cases DTG prints (direct to garment inkjet printing) a relatively new medium which is great for a 1 or 2 items, but they are very expensive when you want anything over say 10 of them. They do have the benefit of being able to offer multi colour at the press of a button (almost). However the jury is still out on this medium, white prints are not that great and the washability is still not as good as screen print.

Screen print generally uses an ink called plastisol, this is an ink that welds itself onto the shirt and once in place as long as you do not leave the ink in contact with an iron will last as long as the shirt!

If you look at some of our prices in the shop section you’ll realise there is great value in choosing screen print as the best option for your custom printed order.